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Established in 2006, Law Offices of Sheilah D. Vance, Esquire provides high quality legal representation to its clients. Our goal, since the beginning, is to provide the most excellent legal services possible. To us, nothing is more important than meeting your legal needs at the highest level.

You can rest assured knowing that we have your best interests at heart.  Let us answer your questions and help you get your legal house in order.  Contact us at 215-557-9550 or svance@svancelawoffices.com.

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Current Professional Affiliations:

Chair, Education Law Committee, Philadelphia Bar Association

Member, Advisory Board, Association of Title IX Administrators (ATIXA)

Arbitrator, Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas Arbitration Program

Recent Presentations and Trainings:

Can Title IX Help Prevent School Shootings, Association of Title IX Administrators Conference, October 2018

Applying the Lessons of Title IX's Sexual Harassment Provisions to the Modern Corporate Environment, Women in Management, Yale University School of Management, March 2018

Title IX and Race Training Video, March 2018, The NCHERM Group/ATIXA

Understanding the Intersection of Title IX and Hip Hop, Association of Title IX Admininstrators, October 2017

Recent Continuing Legal Education Courses Taught:

Title IX Caselaw Update

Title IX Turmoil:  Understanding the New Guidance

Understanding Title IX:  Higher Education

Understanding Title IX:  K-12

Title IX and Transgender Students

Understanding Title IX:  Career and Technical Schools

Understanding Counseling Theory for Personal Support (ethics)

From "Loving" to "Get Out": Legal and Implict Bias Regarding Interracial Relationships (ethics)

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